Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

Gtx 750 ti has a hashrate of 4-6 mh/s for ethereum mining. The gtx 750 ti is a graphics card with a hashrate of 4-6 mh/s for ethereum mining.

This hashrate is not particularly high, but it is sufficient for hobby miners or those who are just starting out in the world of mining. The gtx 750 ti is an older graphics card, so it may not be readily available for purchase, but if you have one lying around, it can still be used for mining ethereum.

The card has a low power requirement compared to newer cards, making it a cost-effective option for those looking to get into mining without breaking the bank. However, it is important to note that mining ethereum with this card may not be profitable in the current market conditions.

Understanding Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

Understanding Gtx 750 Ti’S Hardware Specifications

When it comes to mining ethereum, the gtx 750 ti might not be the newest hardware on the market, but it is still a popular choice for many miners due to its affordable price and decent hash rate. Let’s dive into the hardware specifications of gtx 750 ti and understand what makes it a viable option for ethereum mining.

  • Architecture: Kepler
  • Cuda cores: 640
  • Boost clock: 1085 mhz
  • Memory clock: 5400 mhz
  • Memory interface: Gddr5
  • Memory bandwidth: 86.4 gb/s
  • Vram: 2gb

What Is Ethereum And Ethereum Mining?

Before we get into the hash rate of gtx 750 ti, let’s understand what ethereum and ethereum mining are all about.

  • Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized blockchain platform that runs smart contracts and allows developers to build their own decentralized applications.
  • Ethereum mining is the process of validating transactions and recording them in the ethereum blockchain. Miners use their computational power to solve complex mathematical problems and in return, they receive ether (eth), the native currency of the ethereum blockchain.

Now that we have a basic understanding of ethereum, let’s dive into the gtx 750 ti hashrate ethereum.

Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

The hash rate of a graphics card is a measure of its computational power and plays a significant role in determining the profitability of mining. The gtx 750 ti has a hash rate of around 10-12 mh/s, which might not seem high when compared to some of the newer models available on the market.

However, it is still a decent hash rate and can net a miner a good amount of eth if the electricity cost is low enough.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when mining ethereum with gtx 750 ti:

  • Optimize gpu settings to maximize performance and reduce power consumption.
  • Join a mining pool to increase the chances of earning eth consistently.
  • Keep a tab on the electricity cost and adjust mining settings accordingly.

Gtx 750 ti might not be the most powerful graphics card for ethereum mining, but it is still a viable option for those who want to start mining or upgrade their hardware without breaking the bank. By understanding its hardware specifications and optimizing mining settings, miners can earn a good amount of eth using gtx 750 ti.

Factors Affecting Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

If you are a cryptocurrency miner, you must be familiar with the nvidia gtx 750 ti graphics card. This card is popular among miners due to its high hashrate and low power consumption. However, many factors can influence the performance of your gtx 750 ti while mining ethereum.

Let’s explore some of the most critical factors affecting the gtx 750 ti hashrate ethereum.

Software Configuration

The software you use to mine ethereum significantly impacts the hashrate. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Install the latest version of the miner as it may have improvements to increase the hashrate.
  • Use a mining software that is optimized for nvidia gpus as it will provide better performance.
  • Make sure to set the mining software to mine ethereum and not other cryptocurrencies.
  • Use a mining pool for better hashrate and more consistent payouts.


Overclocking your gtx 750 ti can have a significant impact on the hashrate. However, it would be best to be cautious while overclocking as it may cause damage to your graphics card. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Use software like msi afterburner or evga precision x1 to overclock your graphics card.
  • Increase the core clock and memory clock speeds gradually and monitor the hashrate.
  • Do not increase the voltage too much as it may damage your graphics card.
  • Keep the temperature below 70°c while overclocking and mining to avoid thermal throttling.

Power Consumption

The gtx 750 ti is known for its low power consumption, making it a popular choice among miners. However, it would be best to consider the following points:

  • Use a power supply that is at least 450w to ensure stable power delivery.
  • Use a power meter to monitor the power consumption of your mining rig.
  • Optimize the mining software to reduce power consumption and increase hashrate simultaneously.

Ambient Temperature

The ambient temperature of your mining rig can significantly impact the hashrate of your gtx 750 ti. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Maintain a cool and dry environment for your mining rig.
  • Avoid placing your mining rig in a room with high humidity as it can cause corrosion of electronic components.
  • Use additional cooling solutions like fans, water cooling, or liquid nitrogen if required to achieve ideal temperature.

Keeping an eye on these factors can help you achieve a better hashrate on your gtx 750 ti while mining ethereum. Remember to follow the best practices and precautions while overclocking and monitoring the hashrate. Happy mining!

Comparing Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum With Other Gpus

The gtx 750 ti is a fan-favorite among cryptocurrency miners for its cost-effectiveness and mining capabilities. Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies today, so it’s no surprise that gtx 750 ti’s hash rate on ethereum is a topic of interest for miners.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how gtx 750 ti hash rate ethereum compares with other gpus in the market.

Nvidia Gpu Comparison

Nvidia gpus are a popular choice for ethereum mining. Here’s how the gtx 750 ti stacks up against some of nvidia’s other gpus:

  • Gtx 1070 ti: Hash rate of 31 mh/s. Costs roughly 10 times more than the gtx 750 ti.
  • Gtx 1060: Hash rate of 20 mh/s. Costs roughly 5 times more than the gtx 750 ti.
  • Gtx 1050 ti: Hash rate of 12 mh/s. Costs roughly 2 times more than the gtx 750 ti.

Amd Gpu Comparison

Amd gpus are also a favorite among ethereum miners. Let’s see how the gtx 750 ti fares against some amd gpus:

  • Rx 580: Hash rate of 31 mh/s. Costs about 8 times more than the gtx 750 ti.
  • Rx 570: Hash rate of 27 mh/s. Costs about 6 times more than the gtx 750 ti.
  • Rx 560: Hash rate of 12 mh/s. Costs about twice as much as the gtx 750 ti.

Overall, the gtx 750 ti is a cost-effective gpu that performs very well when it comes to ethereum mining. While it may not be as powerful as some of the more expensive gpus, its hash rate on ethereum is still impressive, making it an excellent choice for those on a budget.

Roadmap To Optimize Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

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Effects Of Gtx 750 Ti On Ethereum Mining Profitability

If you are using or planning to use a gtx 750 ti graphics card for mining ethereum, you may wonder how much hash rate it can deliver and how profitable it can be. Here are some key points to consider:

  • The gtx 750 ti is an older and lower-end card compared to many other mining gpus, with a maximum hash rate of around 10-12 mh/s for ethereum.
  • However, the gtx 750 ti can still generate some profit if you mine efficiently and manage your costs effectively, especially if you are mining a less competitive coin or pool.
  • To estimate your potential revenue and expenses, you can use a mining calculator that factors in your hash rate, electricity cost, pool fee, block reward, and difficulty.
  • Some other factors that can affect your mining profitability include the price and volatility of ethereum, the cost of your hardware and maintenance, and the network hashrate and difficulty.

Tips To Optimize Gtx 750 Ti Performance

While the gtx 750 ti may not be the most powerful mining gpu, you can still optimize its performance by following these tips:

  • Use the latest and most suitable drivers for your operating system and mining software, and avoid overclocking beyond your card’s stable limits or overheating your card.
  • Apply the optimal gpu settings for ethereum mining, such as adjusting the power limit, core clock, memory clock, and fan speed, which can vary depending on your card’s brand, model, and memory type.
  • Choose the best mining software for your system and hardware, such as claymore, phoenixminer, or ethminer, which can offer different levels of stability, efficiency, and features.
  • Join a reliable and profitable mining pool that matches your goals and preferences, such as low fees, high rewards, fast payouts, or decentralization. You can also try multiple pools to compare their performance and diversity.
  • Consider using some advanced tools and techniques that can boost your hash rate and efficiency, such as ethlargementpill, which is a free and open-source software that can increase your gtx 750 ti hash rate by up to 40%, according to some users.

Ethlargementpill: An Overview

Ethlargementpill is a software that can enhance the performance of some nvidia gpus, including gtx 750 ti, for mining ethereum. It was created by a developer named ohgodagirl and released in 2018 as a response to the memory timing vulnerability in some nvidia cards.

Here are some key points to know about ethlargementpill:

  • Ethlargementpill is not a miracle solution that can guarantee a fixed boost for all nvidia cards or algorithms, nor is it endorsed or guaranteed by nvidia or ethereum developers.
  • Ethlargementpill modifies the memory timings of the gpu and the cuda (compute unified device architecture) driver, which can enable a higher memory bandwidth and a faster ethash algorithm processing for some cards, such as gtx 1080 ti, gtx 1080, and gtx 1060, besides gtx 750 ti.
  • Ethlargementpill does not require any installation or setup, and can be downloaded and run as a standalone executable file, which can be detected as a false positive by some antivirus software or flagged as a risk by some mining pools. You should always scan the file and use it at your own risk.
  • Ethlargementpill may not work for all gtx 750 ti cards, as some variations or models may have different memory types or configurations that are not compatible with the software. You should test your card’s performance before and after using ethlargementpill, and monitor its temperature and voltage to avoid damage or instability.

Frequently Asked Questions For Gtx 750 Ti Hashrate Ethereum

What Is The Hashrate Of Gtx 750 Ti For Ethereum Mining?

The hashrate of gtx 750 ti for ethereum mining is around 2-4 mh/s.

What Is The Power Consumption Of Gtx 750 Ti During Ethereum Mining?

The power consumption of gtx 750 ti during ethereum mining is around 60-70 watts.

Is Gtx 750 Ti A Good Graphics Card For Ethereum Mining?

Gtx 750 ti is not a good graphics card for ethereum mining as it has low hashrate and high power consumption compared to newer graphic cards.

What Are The System Requirements For Gtx 750 Ti For Ethereum Mining?

The system requirements for gtx 750 ti for ethereum mining are a 64-bit operating system, 4gb of ram, and a good quality power supply unit (psu).

How Much Profit Can I Make With Gtx 750 Ti Ethereum Mining?

With gtx 750 ti ethereum mining, the profit is very low due to its low hashrate and high power consumption, which results in high operational costs.

Can I Use Gtx 750 Ti For Other Cryptocurrencies Besides Ethereum?

Gtx 750 ti can be used for mining other cryptocurrencies besides ethereum, but it may not be cost-effective due to its low hashrate and high power consumption.


With the advent of modern technology, gtx 750 ti has emerged as a game-changer in the world of cryptocurrency mining. The gtx 750 ti hashrate ethereum has proven to be impressive for ethereum miners who aim to maximize their profits.

By utilizing the full potential of this graphics card, users can obtain substantial profit margins and push the boundaries of their mining operations. Although there are newer, more powerful graphics cards available, the gtx 750 ti still remains a popular choice among many miners due to its reliability, efficiency, and affordability.

Whether you are a novice or a seasoned miner, this card offers an excellent starting point for those in search of success in mining ethereum. Overall, the gtx 750 ti hashrate ethereum provides a promising future for those who seek to pursue a lucrative career in mining cryptocurrencies.

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