About Me

Hello there, folks!

I’m Ezaz. I’m from Bangladesh and I have a big love for something called crypto. Do you know about it? It’s about digital money, like Bitcoin. Pretty cool, right?

I’ve been diving deep into this exciting world since 2015. Back then, a Bitcoin was just 700 bucks! Can you believe it? I grabbed some, stored them in a wallet, and guess what? I forgot about them for a while!

Few months later, I peeked into my wallet, and – BOOM! – my balance was huge! It was a big “wohoo” moment for me. It’s like finding a hidden treasure, right? This cool surprise fired up my interest in crypto. I dug deeper, found out about exchangers, more wallets, and oodles of new coins. So much fun, right?

I even started learning trading basics and began investing. Things were rosy in 2017, with Bitcoin at 19k and everything at sky-high prices! I thought the moon was the limit. But, uh-oh, the crypto market did a somersault. My balance fell faster than a hot potato. But guess what? I didn’t quit. I knew there was more to learn and more to gain.

I also found some awesome people along the way. I joined trading groups like WWG and CBS, and met my mentor, Woods. He’s a top-notch trader from WWG. Another good friend, Eliz, also a WWG member, taught me loads about trading. Big shoutout to them!

Nowadays, I’m dabbling in trading too. It’s like an everyday adventure for me. There’s always something new to learn, right?

Recently, I had a bright idea – a blog! A space where I could share everything I know about crypto. Don’t worry, if I get stumped, Google and my buddies ChatGPT and Google Bard are always there to help. They’re my writing sidekicks.

My blog even has a ‘free trading’ page where I’ll share a daily trade signal. If I spot a gem for long-term hold, you’ll be the first to know. But, don’t forget, I’m not a financial advisor, just a crypto enthusiast like you. Mistakes can happen, we’re all humans (or bots ), right? So if I goof up, I’m sorry in advance.

So, join me on this crypto journey! Learn, laugh, and let’s discover the crypto world together!

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